Slime e Paste

Slime and Paste Wholesale. Supplies for newsagents, tobacconists and stationers. Slime dealer, fluffy slime, crunchy slime, snow slime, butter slime. Instagram is now invaded by this malleable jelly that corresponds to the name of Slime, yet its conception is at least thirty years old. Remember the gelatinous ghost Slimer in Ghostbuster? It is from its viscous and colored body that this gelatinous substance takes its name, which has conquered adults and children all over the world. Slime is popular for so many reasons. First of all, it has a very relaxing effect to the touch. Second, it allows you to play without limits of time and imagination. It doesn't stick to surfaces, it doesn't get dirty, it doesn't dry out – that's why mothers like it too.

Play Doh 4 pcs 448 Gr B5517


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