Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Wholesale. Supply for newsagents, tobacconists and stationers.

The only real plastic bubbles.

You can play with Crystal Ball and you can invent many shapes with a thousand fun games, a thousand different colors...

Put some Crystal Ball on the straw, blow and the world changes colour! Crystal ball was born from the idea of Dr. Claudio Pasini, a chemist from Brianza, and his partner Carlo Alberto Colombo, in 1947, when it was marketed under the name Le bubble fairy. Initially the product did not have the hoped-for success, so much so that it was even withdrawn from the market. Exactly twenty years later Pasini founded his company in Burago di Molgora, and in 1968 he resumed the marketing of Crystal ball.

In 1987 Giochi Preziosi launched Crystal ball on commercial TVs with the famous jingle and there was a boom in sales. Currently remains a very popular product!

Crystal Ball Blister GR.20


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